Niagara County Entertainment, LLC is just that, a website specifically designed to promote events, venues and local talent. Informing users about the large variety of entertainment options in Niagara County, New York. You only need to view our calendar or search for your interests to find something to do. If you're looking for more check out the 'people to meet', 'things to do' and 'places to see' sections to realize the sheer magnetude of what this county offers. If you have some time to spend or need something to do, this is the place for you.

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My name is Michael Weber and I have lived in Niagara County since 1979. Since April of 1990 I have encouraged and participated in the promotion of our local talent and our varied events often having a backstage view. From that insider experience came this project.

This platform is to showcase Niagara County, New York and to encourage the exploration of the area. We intend to serve the needs of the entertainment seeking public to provide them with the most current set of experiences available in Niagara County.

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