Lock Tenders Tribute - Walking Tour - $15

Saturday, June 2nd 2018
Erie Canal Discovery Center - 24 Church St. - Lockport
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

https://locksdistricttours.com - (716) 777-4762

This tour celebrates the people that the Erie Canal depended upon, to become a commercial success. These were the Drivers, Boat Crews and Captains, Longshoremen and the Lock Tenders

  • We will learn their stories
  • We will see how Lockport grew from the canal's banks


A truly fun tour, with quite a few unusual opportunities that no other tour has provided

  • Everyone will have the opportunity to be a worker and laborer and take part in being a member of the Lock Tender Team and actually work the miter gates to open the Flight of Five 1842 Lock Gates
  • We will hike down and walk along the actual Mill Race area that water power was harnessed and captured to run the mills and factories of Lowertown
  • We will be stopping at historical sites of Lockport that still to this day, hold tightly to the history that impacted so greatly on Lockport, the County and the world
  • We will have a photo opportunity to be the statues of the real Lock Tender Tour Tribute Artwork planned to be installed on Locktoberfest this year (2018)


Free parking