The Scintas’ Christmas Holiday Celebration - NT - $49/$59

Saturday, December 2nd 2017
Riviera Theater - 67 Webster St. - North Tonawanda
8:00 PM - 11:00 PM - (716) 692-2113

The Scintas, brothers Joe and Frank, “honorary Scinta” Peter O’Donnell and recent addition, Janien Valentine, bring refreshing wit, great music, and endless talent to the highly regarded show. Having performed for hundreds of thousands of people over the years, the Scinta brothers, including O’Donnell, have become a fixture in the Las Vegas entertainment scene with their signature comedy, musical prowess, and knack for spot-on celebrity impressions. Janien Valentine adds to the dynamic group, with her powerful vocals and her ability to match wits with the trio

The show spans several generations, blending classic songs from musical icons such as Ray Charles, Michael Buble, Michael Jackson, and Whitney Houston, with their relatable humor that leaves the audience feeling like they are hanging out with family