This website is specifically for events that take place on Niagara County soil. Also, only submit events that you want the general public to attend, no private function events are permitted (unless the general public can buy a ticket).

We have two ways for you to submit your events.

1.) The form below allows you to send us information about your upcoming event, from there we will post it to the calendar. This layer of security keeps the website reliable.

2.) If you have several events you wish to post you can send a regular e-mail and/or attach a file and send to the following address.

Like all forms of advertising please send your event early enough to get the maximum potential from the posting. Roughly 2-4 weeks, but we accept events up to one day before they occur.

PLEASE - Search the website or review the calendar before posting your venue's event: Local talent, vendors and promoters also list events and may have posted your event already.

If your event occurs on several consecutive days or once a week over the course of several weeks you can place that information in the description box below.

If you wish to make changes to your existing event or if you have any questions please use the CONTACT US form.

Thank You - The Management

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