This puzzle is the largest dot-to-dot on the planet and is very challenging. It measures 2 feet (24") by 3 feet (36") with over 10,000 dots to connect. The font is small but manageable. The puzzle is not something you can cruise through in 20 minutes, it will take several hours, so plan accordingly. For those willing to tackle this behemoth we have a few recomendations to note.


  • Use a mechanical pencil to lightly connect the dots, you may need to erase them if you choose to color the image.

  • When complete you may consider changing some straight lines in to curved lines (use this opportunity to add even more detail).

  • Finish it off with some color, there are a variety of ways to embelish the completed image.

  • Get it framed and display your achievement.


If you're in the Niagara County area you can purchase the puzzle in person at the following locations.

On Display at:

World's Largest Dot-To-Dot Puzzle

Price: $20.00

The puzzle is so detailed that the completed image has stop signs, building windows and hand rails. The image features a side bar that includes a brief, informative history of the Erie Canalway National Heritage Corridor's Lockport Locks & Flight of Five at Lockport, New York.